The achievement of a world more sustainable is connected directly with the concept of "solidarity" , this being understood as the "circumstantial adhesion to the cause or to the company of others (Royal Spanish Academy)". In that way, a caring person, professional or company is not limited only to offering help, but also to assume a commitment with whom is trying to help.

In this regard, in a caring professional compromise way this consultancy assume the obligation to allocate a percentage of what is perceived for each contract to the community-solidarity project assistance based in Argentina that present the double edge of benefiting less favored communities and the environment at the same time.

The economic cost of the help will be endured as a whole by our team, but the contracting client of each professional assignment will be given the opportunity of choosing the project to which the help will be generated with itself, receiving as a offsetting a record of the assistance received granted by the beneficiary organization.

The NGOs and CSOs that would like to apply their projects under these terms should make contact through the CONTACT US section of this site or send an email to:

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